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The 2 essential KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your emailings

Many of you regularly send e-mailings and newsletters. Once sent, it is important to measure the impact of your e-mailing to know if the results really meet your objectives.

To do this you will have to analyze some figures...

Because we know that mathematics is not everyone's "cup of tea", here are two key indicators (KPI) to follow to help you optimize your campaigns e-mailing.


This KPI informs you about the quality of the subject of your e-mailing

Calculation: The number of openers vs the number of delivered emails.

The 2 essential KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your emails

Before reading the content of your emailing, your recipient will first read the subject that appears in the list of their emails. The opening rate allows you to know the quality of your object .

Of all the contacts who received your email , the open rate therefore measures the proportion of those who also opened it to read it . The subject of your email therefore appealed to them and encouraged them to open your email.

Average open rate

Generally, it is estimated that an opening rate of 10 to 15% on targets who do not know you (for your prospecting emails for example) is a good average.

For targets who are used to receiving your e-mailings (your customers, partners, leads, etc.), the average usually rises to 30%.

Successful emails

Successful emails are those that actually arrive in your recipients' email box. You must therefore remove hard and soft bounces from your calculation, i.e. all erroneous e-mails and recipients whose e-mail inboxes are overflowing...

To find out more, read our article on the subject “Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce – No, they’re not bad words!”

Date and time sent

Please note, the time and day of sending can also have an impact on your open rate . If you send your email on a Friday evening or Saturday to "business" (or B2B ) targets , you will probably have less success than sending it during the week.

Analyze your open rate

In summary, an open rate below 10% is very low and requires optimizing the text of your subject line.

Above 30% you have hit the mark, and can draw inspiration from your item for future campaigns.

The 2 essential KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your emails


This indicator informs you about the quality of your email and in particular of your action buttons in the email.

Calculation: The number of clickers vs the number of openers.

This is not the overall click-through rate of the campaign. In fact, this compares all sendings versus clickers (those who clicked on a link in your emailing).

However, it is much more interesting to know the proportion of those who opened AND clicked .

We thus measure all those who were seduced, both by the subject (and therefore opened the e-mail) and by your offer/invitation/news (and therefore clicked on a button and/or link).

Here we measure the reader's reactivity and therefore their real interest in your content . The “openers+clickers” are then those on whom you must prioritize to transform them into customers.

Average response rate

We can consider that a response rate between 15 to 35% is synonymous with good quality of your e-mailing.

Essential content

Of course, if your email does not include any links or buttons, you will not be able to measure the attractiveness of your email...

Analyze your response rate

When you see response rates below 15% you should review your email structure and messaging.

Are your CTA-buttons sufficiently visible, is your message adapted to the target, is your offer clear and does your CTA really encourage people to click...?

Obviously, there are other indicators, such as the unsubscription rate for example, or the conversion rate of a landing page or form linked to your email...

But, first of all, if you focus on monitoring even just your opening rates and reactivity rates , you will already have a good overview of the quality of your e-mailing campaigns.

And for those to whom we've spoken "gibberish" throughout this article, give us a call! We will be happy to share with you good web marketing practices to boost your e-mailing campaigns.

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