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Become familiar with the good emailing practices
to strengthen the effectiveness of your French campaigns.



Emails and newsletters

How to optimize the results of your e-mailings and newsletters in France?

Emailing is one of the most powerful Web marketing tools to acquire new contacts and retain your existing customers.

How to go about it?

  • How to structure your messages and encourage clicks?

  • What rules should you follow?

  • How to effectively reach your targets and support your commercial development successfully?


  • Understand the basics of emailing and newsletters

  • Know how to structure your e-mailing to strengthen its impact

  • Discover how to transform and track results



1. To whom, when and why?

Define your targets and objectives, a fundamental step before each campaign.

2. Structure, design & contents

The essential elements for successful e-mailing.

3. The landing page

How to turn simple clicks into qualified contacts.

4. Performance indicators (KPI)

Tools and reporting, the main indicators to know.


Want to discover the tips for successful e-mailing in France?

Take advantage of this pragmatic and operational workshop to acquire the fundamentals and best practices to apply to your French e-mailings and newsletters!

Contact us for more information about this workshop!

Thank you for your request. We'll contact you very soon!

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Lisa Lueg-Althoff

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  • Marketing and communications professional for over 25 years fluent in English and German.

  • Today, she provides managers and independents with its expertise and know-how.

  • To help them better understand and better use the essential tools and techniques of web marketing and digital communication to expand in France.

To ensure you apply on a daily basis the knowledge acquired during these workshops, we provide you with a bilingual Senior Marketing Expert whom you can call upon at any time thanks to our Proofreading Pack.

A simple and accessible solution to gain autonomy and know-how and expand with success in the French market



To validate the integration of best practices and help you optimize your French web marketing


And now?

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