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Get familiar with the social media best practices
to control the scope of
your communication in France.

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Social Medias


How to better use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook... or even your blog?

Social networks are essential communication tools to strengthen the notoriety of your company and promote your expertise.


But what rules should you follow?

  • Which networks to favor?

  • What content for his posts?

  • How to organize your publications?


  • Understand the basics of Community Management (social media management)

  • Know how to choose the social media that match your French communication objectives

  • Learn to define a schedule for your publications

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1. The basic principles of “Community Management”

Adapt your messages and communication to your target and their expectations.

2. Social media by post types

Each social media has its own type of content: post, article, short message, etc.

3. Analysis and management

Overview of management, monitoring and reporting tools.

4. The calendar of actions and publications

Essential steps in the short and medium term.

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Want to get started on social media?

Take advantage of this pragmatic and operational skills transfer workshop to discover the fundamentals and best practices to immediately apply to your publications on French social media!

Contact us for more information about this workshop!

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We'll get back to you very quickly!

To ensure you apply on a daily basis the knowledge acquired during these workshops, we provide you with a Senior Marketing Expert whom you can contact at any time thanks to our Proofreading Pack.

A simple and accessible solution to gain autonomy and know-how and expand in France.



On-demand support to validate the integration of French best practices and help you optimize your French web marketing


And now?

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