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Have your French marketing tools reviewed by a local expert to adopt best practices and gain expertise over time!

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Proofreading Pack

Support on demand

Objective: Being able to rely at any time on the know-how of a multilangual expert to make sure that your tools constantly respond to French marketing and web expectations.

Today, the Internet gives you access to a multitude of tips and tricks on web marketing. Numerous guides, webinars, tutorials, workshops, etc. are made available to companies to better manage their marketing tools.

Yet, due to lack of experience or hindsight, you can easily forget to place your keywords in the right place, omit such an element or such a good practice, not test all the links in a newsletter... in short, create tools that do not meet your requirements!


Proofreading on demand

To ensure that:

  • your communication tools systematically integrate French business practices

  • your French marketing actions respond effectively to your goals and needs

  • to acquire in a concrete way the good marketing reflexes


A pre-paid pack of 4 hours of intervention

This on-demand support is based on a time credit of 4 hours which you use as and when you need it at the pace that suits you.

Each of our proofreading is counted according to the necessary duration depending on the nature of the review requested.

A simple solution to strengthen the quality of your French marketing content and tools.

The advantages of the Proofreading Pack


Access the expertise and know-how of a multilingual senior consultant whenever you need to reveiw and challenge your French marketing tools and actions.


Our experts are at your disposal for a simple question, to proofread content or to help you create a precise tool from end-to-end.

We support you whatever the type of French marketing tool or campaign to review: e-mailings or newsletters, website, Adwords campaigns, social media, invitations to events, editorial content, PowerPoint presentations, reporting, etc.

Flexible reviews

on demand

Concrete field support in France

Whatever the tool

or the industry

Rise in know-how

over time

STEP 1 – Submission

You have created a newsletter but are not sure that it meets the expectations of your French target?

All you need is to send us a test version before final sending.

Validation of an emailing


The proofreading of your tools takes place over several predefined stages to ensure the review meets your requirements.

We have detailed the steps with a concrete example: proofreading of a newsletter.

This type of review generally corresponds to 1 hour of intervention by our experts (depending on the content).


Your 4-hour package allows you to validate at least 4 newsletters.

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