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Facebook introduces a new KPI to better manage the impact of your publications

Today, you can observe and measure the impact of your publications on a Facebook page using the different Key Performance Indicators , in other words your KPIs, made available by Facebook.

New KPI on Facebook - EyeOnline agency

What is a KPI, what is it used for?

A KPI It's a bit like the dashboard of a car. It simply allows you to see, manage and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns and therefore of your publications on social networks.

Until now, under each of your publications on your Facebook business page, you could see two KPIs :

  1. People reached : This is the number of users reached, or the number of views of your post. In marketing “jargon”, we call this KPI “ impressions ”.

  2. Interactions : This KPI includes the number of likes, comments, shares and clicks on the post. It allows you to calculate the “ engagement rate ” of your community with your publications.

Note that these KPIs are only available on Facebook “pages” and only for publications without video. For posts on your profile, you will only see the number of likes and comments.

And what about the new kid on the block?

Good news ! Facebook recently added a new KPI: the diffusion index . So, you now see a green or red arrow with a “+” or “-” displayed below your posts .

New KPI on Facebook - EyeOnline agency

For example, if a photo was posted 2 days and 4 hours ago, its delivery score will be calculated by comparing the impressions to the average number of impressions from your previous 100 photo posts.

So, the higher the score, the more organically the post appears on news feeds across the platform. In short, the higher the index, the more views your post has. In the blink of an eye you know whether your publication performed well or not.

This new KPI clearly stands out from other existing KPIs and allows you to even better manage your marketing campaigns on Facebook. It’s up to you to make good use of it!

If you still have questions about how a Facebook page works, or about the KPIs to follow to optimize your social media campaigns, give us a call!

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