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Identify optimisationo pportunities! Enhance your current tools and to support your strategy long-term.

The marketing audit is an independent external study based on an in-depth analysis of all your company‘s marketing processes and approaches. The objective is to determine whether your marketing strategy is aligned with your sales and budget objectives, as well as to check if your strategy is aligned with current marketing best practices.


Objectives and expectations

Based on a dedicated part of your marketing strategy, the audit must answer some specific questions:

  • Why are the performances of my marketing actions slowing down?
  • Are my marketing campaigns aligned with my market and sales objectives?
  • How can my website turn more prospects into customers?
  • How can I measure the efficiency of my current marketing campaigns?
  • How can I improve my customer retention?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses in the market compared to my competition?
  • Am I investing in the right marketing tools, at a good price, and at the right moment?
  • ...

EyeOnline ‘s audit offers you a unique opportunity to get a fresh, independent view of your marketing strategy, your current challenges and the processes set up within your company.


Thanks to our 20 years expertise in marketing and communication, we can identify your key development levers and the actions that need to be taken to maximise your brand and market share.


Adapted solutions

  • Assessment of your marketing strategy (offer, mixed-marketing)
  • Assessment of your online strategy (positioning, traffic...)
  • Optimisation of your online and/or offline tools
  • Optimisation of your online ranking
  • Optimisation of your performance indicators (acquisition rate, conversion rate, cost per lead, ROI…)
  • Assessment of your product and market strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of your key factors to counter competition
  • Alignment of your tools with your business processes and market practices

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